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Help us optimize the century-old workflows of a fascinating industry.

What is Yamdu?

Making films is a complex process. Yamdu is a web application that makes it easier to collaborate in the cloud during the production process.

Call to Adventure

We are currently looking for new stars in the following positions:

Our North Star

Open and flexible: we see our values as guidance when you're starting on a new path in life.


Mutual trust is paramount: We trust you, so please trust us. No time cards. No complex reporting. And a great mix of home office and on location time.


We encourage you to take responsibility. If you have an idea how to fulfil our goals best, go for it. And if something goes wrong, say so, make up for it, and learn.

Open Minds

Be open to everything and everyone. We serve a diverse Yamdu community in more than 100 countries. All united by a passion for visual storytelling.


We all love to learn and hate to be bored. If you gain new knowledge, share it with us. Learning new things is part of our daily journey together at Yamdu.


If you make a mistake or have bad news, say so. Nobody is perfect. We have no time for office politics - we are one team, pointing in the same direction.


We fight hard every day to improve the life of our clients – and even our own workflows. If you love to energize and inspire others, you'll fit right in.

Just Allies – no Enemies

We are proud of our family-like atmosphere. With all our employees it was love at first sight. We don’t believe in long and painful recruiting processes - at Yamdu you will get in touch with the people you will be working with from day one.

We may work hard and with a lot of passion to make Yamdu thrive, but there's always time for fun stuff too. After all, we all love entertainment, right?

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